Thursday, February 11, 2016

Roger and Me

The Gist: Michael Moore's documentary about General Motors' crass decision to move its plants to Mexico, laying off thousands of people who had worked for the car manufacturer for decades, in order to save money on worker wages. The move strikes a deadly blow to Flint, Michigan, Moore's hometown and GM's founding city. Moore attempts to interview GM's CEO, Roger Smith, but with little luck.

Roger and Me has been well received by critics, but I didn't think it was one of Moore's best documentaries.

Nevertheless, it's a searing indictment of American conglomerates' boardroom politics and it certainly succeeds in portraying Mr. Smith in the poor light he deserves.

The Bottom Line: Even though not his greatest, I'd still recommend Roger and Me because of its all too timely message and because Moore skillfully shows us the reality faced by people who led a comfortable life and lost everything because money is more important than people when it comes to corporate America.

Grade: 6

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