Saturday, February 20, 2016


The Gist: Time travel is invented and immediately banned because of its dangerous applications. The mob uses it to dispose of its enemies, by sending them back in time to be executed, so as not to leave any trace. The executioners are known as loopers and eventually they're retired by the mob by unknowingly executing their future selves. One day, Joe finds himself in that position, but things don't go as smoothly as expected, for anyone involved.

Looper is an incredibly original mind-bender, one of those movies that benefit from repeated viewings, as time-travel stories tend to get pretty complicated.

Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt play wonderfully off each other as the two versions of the same person, each trying to outsmart and survive the other.

The Bottom Line: Looper is a very good movie that uses the old gimmick of time travel in new and interesting ways, conjuring a tale full of layers, twists, action, and drama. A must-see.

Grade: 8

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