Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Star

The Gist: An aging Oscar winning actress has seen her fame wane and her wealth evaporate. Now bankrupt and with no prospects, she is still convinced she can relaunch her career. Hired to play a small supporting role, she decides to flaunt her director and play the role as a young ingénue instead of the actual character's age and condition, sure she'll be awarded the lead role once her talent is allowed to shine, but it only gets her fired. A man she once helped get into acting, but who has long since left the business, comes to her aid, but making her accept her new reality won't be an easy task.

One of Bette Davis' best roles, The Star showcases her great acting talent and allows her to chew the scenery at every turn. She shines in a role that, in other circumstances, could have easily reflected her life.

Ms. Davis was not an actress afraid to show her wrinkles, so to speak, even in an era when a star's wattage was often measured by her beauty. Just brilliant.

The Bottom Line: The Star is a great movie for any cinephile and a classic of cinema. Bette Davis is absolutely stunning.

Grade: 9

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