Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Soldier's Girl

The Gist: Barry, a soldier, visits a local bar where he first sees Calpernia, a transgender woman, and is smitten with her. Their budding relationship faces many hurdles though, because it can't be carried out in the open, as Barry would surely find himself ostracized back at the barracks. A fellow soldier eventually finds out about them, and things quickly go south.

Soldier's Girl is based on a true story, which doesn't surprise me one bit, since the events described are all too similar to what I often read in the news.

It is well written, directed with a light touch, and performed to great effect by an awesome cast that includes Troy Garity as Barry, Lee Pace as Calpernia, and Shawn Hatosy as Justin, the fellow soldier ticked off by their relationship.

I was stunned to see that Lee Pace played Calpernia. I've now seen him in The Hobbit trilogy and in Guardians of the Galaxy, and I never would have recognized him. He's a truly talented actor whom I will be following in future endeavors for sure.

The Bottom Line: Soldier's Girl is a very good movie featuring a love story that charms, stuns, and tears you apart. A great little gem

Grade: 8

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