Friday, February 19, 2016

Summer Storm

The Gist: Tobi and Achim, best friends for years, belong to a rowing team that's bound for a big race. Tobi starts realizing that his attachment to Achim might be more than something between friends. When a friend of Achim's girlfriend starts showing a romantic interest in Tobi, his anxiety only grows. It will eventually spill over when it's revealed that their rival in the race is a team of openly gay rowers.

Summer Storm is a well written tale of self-discovery that tackles the topics of sexual attraction and denial at an age when a boy can be confused and afraid of his own feelings.

Robert Stadlober and Kostja Ullmann play Tobi and Achim with plenty of sensitivity and sensibility, and they're both very handsome.

The Bottom Line: This is a very well made movie that is suitable for any audience, including closed-minded ones, since it's capable of teaching some very useful lessons.

Grade: 7

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