Thursday, February 18, 2016

Talk Radio

The Gist: A rude, forthright, and contemptuous local radio talk show host likes to tackle the issues of the day and welcomes listeners' calls to debate him. He doesn't care about being politically correct and doesn't mind offending random callers either. As a result, he has his fans but also a lot of detractors. Thanks to his ratings, there's a possibility of going national, but suddenly a caller becomes more angry and threatening than usual, and both his life and the show's future might be at risk.

Oliver Stone's Talk Radio is not a movie that shies away from courting controversy, but it's certainly well written and well directed.

Eric Bogosian, who co-wrote the screenplay, slays, with a spellbinding performance that provokes a whirlwind of emotions.

The Bottom Line: Talk Radio is arguably one of Stone's best movies, so if you're a fan don't miss it. I definitely recommend it because it's stirring and the topics discussed are still relevant today.

Grade: 8

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