Thursday, February 04, 2016


The Gist: An astronaut and an engineer find themselves stranded in space when a Russian missile strike of a defunct satellite doesn't go as planned and a whole field of high-velocity debris forms around Earth, threatening everything in its path.

I finally watched this Best Picture Oscar nominated film by Alfonso Cuarón, who took home the Oscar for Best Director.

Gravity is, in a word, astounding. Technically superb (it swept the Oscars in several categories), the script is pretty much leakproof and it is also well acted. Both George Clooney and (especially) Sandra Bullock give excellent performances. Bullock pretty much carries the entire movie on her own.

Above all, however, it's the directorial tour de force that really showcases Cuarón's mastery of his craft.

The Bottom Line: Do not miss this movie. It's not only for sci-fi lovers. In fact, its location in space has little bearing on the overall quality of it.

Grade: 9

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