Monday, February 01, 2016


The Gist: A detective is asked by a concerned friend to look into his wife's odd behaviors. She seems to be losing her mind and the detective ends up rescuing her from drowning in an attempted suicide. He eventually falls in love with her, but her depression ends up having the best of her and she dies. Heartbroken and unable to accept that she's gone, he has a nervous breakdown. Months later, he stumbles upon a woman that looks exactly like the one he thought he had lost forever. But things aren't really the way they look.

Vertigo is unarguably one of Alfred Hitchcock's best films ever. Suspense, intrigue, and subterfuge perfectly mix up with death, murder, obsession, and love.

James Stewart is once again excellent and this time he's flanked by a perfectly cast Kim Novak, playing the two women who drive him mad.

A special nod goes to Bernard Herrmann for composing one of the most unforgettable and haunting soundtracks ever written for the silver screen.

The Bottom Line: Vertigo is a real masterpiece from one of the undisputed masters of film. It's a must-see for everyone.

Grade: 9

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